Baroque Photography

Theo Coulombe’s Digital Photography class produced stunning portraits that demonstrated their deep understanding of composition and lighting techniques of the Baroque period of art.
Students researched Baroque lighting, styles, and subjects in works by Caravaggio, Jan van Eyck, Artemisia Gentileschi, Vermeer, and others. The lead photographer worked from a reference image and collaborated with other students serving as assistants and art directors, just as a professional photographer would work during a studio shoot. Student photographers used digital cameras tethered to monitors to tweak subjects and lighting in their portraits. Mr. Coulombe limited lighting to one light plus a reflector, to simulate the Baroque style. Composing and capturing in real-time is very different from the painstaking brushwork undertaken by Baroque painters but also yields an immediate understanding of the cause and effect of choices on a work of art.
The images were exhibited as large format prints on the wall of the photography studio. Viewed as a group, the portraits manifest the technical proficiency and artistry of the photographers.
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