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Millbrook Traditions

Part of what makes Millbrook, Millbrook is its commitment to upholding the long-standing traditions that have been intrinsic to the institution since 1931. Many of the traditions carried on today existed as part of the daily life of that first graduating class. These traditions provide a link between current students and alumni, a connection that is unique to Millbrook students--past and present. The following are just some of the many time-honored traditions that still permeate Millbrook's campus.

Friday Night Forums - students and faculty gather for performances and presentations from well known and often nationally renowned speakers on a variety of topics.

III Form Outing - III formers go to Pulling House one night a week to listen to the headmaster read from a book of interest and enjoy a tasty snack. This tradition first began in 1931 with Millbrook's first headmaster and founder, Edward Pulling.

Community Service - this tradition is also one of our core values. The weekly schedule is designed to allow students the time to give back in many ways; recycling, care for the animals in the zoo, post office, school store, and fire safety are just a few of the services in which students participate.

Free Days - one day every semester is declared a FREE DAY! Surprised by an announcement the day before, students can use their free day to read, lounge, study, or sleep in...but they don't have to attend classes!

Marsh Mucking - science students trudge through the muddy and sometimes chest-deep marsh water to observe and collect specimens. This is a truly hands-on learning experience.

First Night/Last Night - new students are welcomed to campus every year at the First Night ceremony. All seniors are honored and bid farewell during the Last Night ceremony.

Candlelight Service - Each year on the eve of the departure for the winter holidays, we gather for one of Millbrook's oldest celebrations - the Candlelight Service. Candlelight is an inclusive reflection of the traditions and talents of our current community. We gather in the Flagler Memorial Chapel to enjoy and participate in a program of readings, reflections, and music. 

Friday Assembly - the longest assembly of the week, Friday assembly is a time for announcements, concerns along with recommendations, stories from which the whole community may benefit, and kudos. 

Winter Weekend - in the competitive spirit of Winter Weekend, dorms compete in a Jeopardy-like College Bowl for points towards a grand prize. Other winter weekend competitions include a pep rally, snow sculpting, and a broomball tournament.