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CES - Nina '21

Nina Hoffman’s CES, The Relationship Between Pets and Mental Health, was truly culminating in that it connected her love of animals with her interest in mental health in general and some of the meaningful connections and experiences she has had at Millbrook. The success of Nina’s CES was further underpinned by her commitment to planning and organizing her work, a skill she gained at Millbrook and plans to carry forward to her college studies. Being knowledgeable and well-prepared on her subject gave Nina the confidence to effectively share her research in a stress-free presentation.
Nina first encountered the connection between pets and mental health when studying ways to counter seasonal depression. Her CES included student surveys and lots of data that she used to establish a connection between mood and well-being and the presence of animals. Nina devised a plan for students to spend time with faculty pets on campus as a means of raising the local happiness quotient…a great idea, especially during this unusual school year.