Chloe Robinson '19
Bates College
As soon as I left my visit at Bates, I knew that was the school I wanted to attend. The people I met while I was there were so down to earth, and I made a great connection with the lacrosse coach and members of the team. Plus, I found out they have an outing club, and I am such an outdoors person! As in my Millbrook experience, I am looking forward to building meaningful relationships with my peers, teachers, and teammates. I felt like I was a part of everything at Millbrook. I was a prefect, a leader in the dorm, a tri-varsity athlete and captain, and on top of that, I was always working my hardest to get the grades I wanted. I couldn’t be more ready for college. I am used to having so many responsibilities at once and using my time wisely. I have the courage to be independent and look forward to exploring where that takes me at Bates.