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CES - Drew '21

Drew Deery came to Millbrook as a IVth former and quickly discovered that he had a lot to learn about how to learn. His CES, The Future of Productivity at Millbrook, took a close look at the way students work and what may be done to prepare them to work more efficiently and effectively at Millbrook and beyond. Through interviews with students and teachers, and from his own experience, Drew observed the impact of technology on student focus and productivity. Procrastination and distraction can be incredibly destructive to learning and Drew discovered that many students were convinced that they could do better work without computers and technology. Resisting the temptations of social media, shopping, gaming, and other internet distractions can be a huge hurdle for even the most dedicated students.
Drew also gained time management and organizational insight from the CES process itself. He shared some of the effective techniques he learned to employ at Millbrook and described how he plans to be an efficient learner in college from the start.