Aria Bowden '18
Middlebury College
One of the things that I really like about Middlebury is the strength of their English and language programs. English and Spanish were some of my favorite classes at Millbrook, so I'm glad that Middlebury will both challenge and support me in those areas if I pursue them. I am really looking forward to taking classes in a variety of new areas too—it will be really cool to get to explore a little bit and find new interests. I also think the campus is gorgeous and that Vermont will be a pretty sweet state in which to spend the next four years.

Millbrook definitely helped me work on my writing skills. Both analytically and creatively, my teachers at Millbrook pushed me to get better every day, and I'm really grateful for that. I think that it will be a very useful skill to me in my next four years. Not only that, but Millbrook taught me a lot about living away from home, among peers, and how to seek out resources on my own.