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CES - Merrilee '21

Entitled It’s Okay To Change Your Mind: A Painting Series, Merilee Weil’s CES culminated her Millbrook experience in myriad ways, and seemingly all at once. Inspired by a birthday card from her mom, Merilee embraced ideas of uncertainty, change, adaptation, and growth at every stage of her project. Initially conceived as a performance piece, Merilee changed her mind and chose to paint. She painted and revised. She sought opinions and guidance from fellow artists and instructors and made changes. The process of making the art became a kind of performance piece as Merilee brought her ideas to life on canvas.
Merilee’s presentation, in the dance studio at Holbrook, featured earlier paintings that showed not only her artistic progress but were also illustrative of her thought process. She astutely connected the making of art to the actuality of changing and growing her mind over her time at Millbrook. Merilee’s CES demonstrated that it’s not just okay to change your mind…but that it’s healthy and necessary.