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The strength of Millbrook's academic program exists not only in the quality of its offerings or the ability of its teachers, for while both are components of a flourishing and broad program, neither can guarantee its success. Rather, the program's strength resides in the attitude, the ethos that fills each class period, each singular exchange between faculty and students.
Classes are places where respect for one another, for the free exchange of ideas and opinions, is a most prized commodity. Within a traditional, rigorous college preparatory course of study, Millbrook students are encouraged to be curious, involved, and active learners, for the teachers with whom they work understand that the success of any educational pursuit lies in the vigor and commitment that students bring to it. The acquisition of knowledge and skills, though critical to our mission, is but a component of a Millbrook education. The ability to read effectively, write clearly, and think independently are of greatest use when students challenge themselves, listen carefully to their classmates, test their own limits, and question their assumptions.
Students come to Millbrook in search of great teachers and exciting programs. Once found, they also discover themselves.