Tom Powell '22
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado School of Mines has everything I want in a school, including open-access labs and extensive research opportunities at all levels. It is also a prime location with access to recreation, industry, and job opportunities. I am most looking forward to what new possibilities might arise while I am there and getting to know more people in my field. When I started at Millbrook, I wasn't comfortable asking for help or communicating with people that could help me. I quickly learned that if I wanted or needed something, I could ask for it, and there were plenty of faculty and staff around and eager to support me. Post-Millbrook, I realize the value of communication and that it can be beneficial to collaborate. I was able to be more successful at Millbrook because the size and closeness of the community meant that I could count on support from others. Being a better communicator made me a better community member, a skill I know will help me greatly in the future.
Tom’s time at Millbrook has been transformational for him and, in many ways, for the science department overall. He has seized every opportunity to help strengthen department programs, initiating and creating a design and fabrication lab that is available to all campus scientists and creators. Tom has leveraged every opportunity and brought his personal ambition to bear for the entire community.
— Dr. Jeff LaCosse