Shakur Mohammed '21
Duke University
I chose Duke because it is the perfect place for me to grow as a student-athlete and, more importantly, as a person. The balance of a topnotch soccer program and standout academics felt like the perfect fit for me. At Millbrook, I learned to embrace teamwork and to see how effective I could be when working as part of a team. Almost everything at Millbrook is about the success of the group or community beyond individual achievement. What I learned about teamwork at Millbrook will be vital to my success and happiness moving forward.
Shakur authentically brings people together, and while he is driven, he is open to learning more than content and skills. He is always working to become a better student. He is willing to take academic risks and challenge the opinions and contributions of others. He has demonstrated not only intellectual talent, but also intellectual curiosity, balancing serious goals and intellectual pursuits with humor and goodnatured interactions with peers and teachers. Shakur’s core beliefs and values ground him with confidence, humility, and a solid work ethic that will take him far at Duke and beyond.
— Dave Whiting