Jack Bloom '20
The George Washington University
Coming from Millbrook's small community and rural setting, I was looking for a college where I could branch out and put the skills I learned living in a community to good use on a larger scale. My dorm at George Washington is three blocks west of the White House, three blocks north of the National Mall, and three blocks east of the Kennedy Center! Being in the center of such an active city was a draw, and the many opportunities for internships and work experience sealed the deal. GW also has a very active and socially conscious student body, of which I want to be a part. I am grateful for the breadth of opportunities I had at Millbrook, and I am very excited to specialize a bit more and really get into what I care about both academically and in extracurriculars with student organizations. It was almost impossible not to participate actively in the community at Millbrook. Honoring commitments, advocating for myself, and forming meaningful relationships with my teachers and my peers are all skills I think will serve me well in college. I couldn't imagine going to a school as urban and as big as GW without the solid foundation I built at Millbrook.