Adam Beck '22
My interest in sports journalism made Northwestern my number one choice. A student on my campus tour described internship opportunities at Sports Illustrated and the chance to talk Northwestern Big 10 sports on the radio, so I chose Northwestern for the combination of programs like these. Plus, Northwestern offers challenging but flexible academics close to Chicago. I'm psyched to meet new people, make new friends, and immerse myself in the sports culture in college.

As an incoming IVth former at Millbrook in 2019, I was very shy and reserved, but by my VIth form year, I'd found a home. I became a student leader, found my voice, and grew comfortable interacting with pretty much everyone. Millbrook culture encourages you to self-advocate and pushes you to seek opportunities to address issues or initiate change you want to see. Living away from home necessitated independence and standing up for myself, but Millbrook's culture, especially, prepared me to be successful in college and beyond.
Adam took on Millbrook's hardest classes and set new standards for excellence in all of them. From his very first day at school, his teachers crowed about his ability and intellectual curiosity. We have come to expect excellence and integrity at every turn. His integrity and humility have made him a generous learner, always willing to support his fellow students.
— Jake Philbin-Cross