Athletic Alternatives

While many students choose to play team sports all three seasons, athletic alternatives and recreational sports are also available to students. Click on the links below to read more.

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  • Athletic Communications

    Students assist in capturing video footage of athletic events, including live-streaming games, and pulling highlights to create clips to share on Millbrook's website and social media outlets. Depending on interest, students may also assist with other social media messaging, graphic design, writing, and other areas of Millbrook communications in relation to athletics.
  • Dance

    Millbrook's dance program, led by Ms. Leighann Kowalsky and a team of dance professionals, utilizes two beautiful spaces in the Holbrook Arts Center, the Chelsea Morrison Theater and the full size, black-box capable Murray Dance Studio. The program includes classes for both highly-trained dance students as well as students stepping into the studio for the first time.

    Our technical training program includes modern dance, classical ballet, traditional Irish dance, hip-hop, and contemporary dance. Under the tutelage of active professional dancers and dance educators, students learn impeccable technique and also have access to the inside track of the professional dance world, being exposed to the cutting edge trends in dance, the latest ground-breaking work of choreographers, and the best audition techniques for dance schools and companies.
  • Engineering

    The Engineering Team conducts team and individual projects in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) areas, developing code, digital media, robotics, electronics, scientific, mechanical, amateur radio, astronomical, and low-, mid-, or high-powered rocketry.  Team members also participate in state and national STEAM competitions of their choice.  The Engineering laboratory contains a computer numerical controlled router, 3D printer, 3D scanner, lathe and milling machine, an amateur radio station, a computational chemistry server, mechanical and electronic design and simulation software, and electronic, mechanical, and robotic components.
  • Farm Squad

    Spend your afternoons on Millbrook's farm planting, harvesting, and tending to our gardens and greenhouse.
  • Racquet Rec

    A varied program of badminton, tennis, squash, ping pong, and pickle ball instruction and games.
  • Riding

    Millbrook School's riding program has been an integral fixture on campus since the early 1970’s. Experienced riders may have the option to continue training at local barns during the fall or spring season. Contact the admissions office for more information about riding at Millbrook.
  • Skiing & Snowboarding

    Students ski three times per week (weather permitting) at Catamount. Millbrook requires all participants to wear helmets. Students also participate in rigorous land training on non-skiing days.
  • Strength & Conditioning

    A strength and conditioning program for the recreational athlete and a more intensive program for varsity level athletes who are training for their upcoming season/sport.
  • Studio Music

    An offering for instrumentalists and singers, studio music is offered in the spring season. Students rehearse together as an ensemble, engage in daily exercises aimed at improving musicianship, practice music independently, and get feedback and guidance both as individuals and as a group. Independent practice in this group is driven by short-term objectives agreed upon by the individual students and the managing teacher and is refined by feedback that comes out of performance critique sessions. With the program facilitator’s guidance, students will set repertoire goals for the week. Progress towards these goals will be demonstrated in regular, informal performances, where group members will be asked to critique each other's work in guided and constructive ways.
  • Theater (Fall Play & Winter Musical)

    For those who are dramatically inclined, or curious to see what it’s like to act on stage or work behind the scenes. No dramatic experience is necessary.
  • Zoo Squad

    Spend your afternoons at the Trevor Zoo feeding animals, cleaning pens, working on animal habitats, and assisting with general zoo maintenance.

    Zoo Squad is a student alternative to participation in a sport that takes place Monday through Friday and generally has no weekend commitments. Zoo squad is coached and closely supervised by the AZA-accredited Trevor Zoo staff. The daily objective is to accomplish varying general zoo tasks, from feeding animals to renovating exhibits. Being part of zoo squad provides students with an inside view of how the Trevor Zoo runs and the opportunity to closely interact with animals and the areas in which they live.