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CES - Anna '21

Anna Metzger’s CES, A Proposed Design for Faculty Housing at Millbrook School, grew from her love of architecture and her growing interest in sustainable architecture and green design. Millbrook campus features several LEED-certified buildings and new construction is designed to adhere to strict guidelines for energy efficiency and sustainability. Anna focused on faculty housing, undertaking a survey of current faculty-in-residence to learn about their likes and dislikes and solicited suggestions and ideas to incorporate into new residences.
Anna’s residential faculty survey gathered feelings about light, floorplans, temperature control, and overall livability of campus-dwellers. She spoke to Millbrook master plan architects Voith and MacTavish, designers of Koenigsberger Hall, Casertano Hall, the Barn, the Hamilton Math and Science Center, and many other campus landmarks. Anna also researched geothermal heating, solar power, and Hudson Valley architecture to learn how to embrace style and tradition while prioritizing sustainability.