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Lines Made By Walking at the Warner Gallery
In 1967, Richard Long hopped out of a car, into a field, and walked until his footprints created a straight line in the earth. He photographed the piece and called it A Line Made by Walking. The image of the artist’s presence on the land, the damage to the grass, and how this action became indexed by light onto photographic paper created just enough of a mark to be called art. His act of being in the world and creating a trace became noted in the western canon of art history as one of the first land art and performance artworks made in the United States.
Our Lines Made by Walking exhibit draws on the spirit of Long’s piece by bringing together artists who engage with landscapes and bring their experiences into a two-dimensional plane. Artists in this show draw from many emotions, but they all transform the world around them into tangible objects that create new experiences when activated by an audience.

-Kiernan Pazdar

Lines Made by Walking features work by:
Ian Miyamura 
Doug Shippee
Kiki Joyce
Rachel Garber Cole 
James Warren
Katherine March Driscoll
Braden Bandel 
James H.C. Millar
The exhibit is on display at the Warner Gallery in the Holbrook Arts Center through December 14, 2022.
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