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CES - Jalia '21

Through creativity, hard work, and her abiding positivity, Jalia Musah’s CES, Mugs and Bracelets to Support My Local School, pays forward the opportunities afforded her at Millbrook. A star in the classroom and on the soccer pitch, Jalia highly values education and is acutely aware of the economic hardships faced by many students in her native Ghana. At Millbrook, Jalia devised a way to help back home by crafting and selling mugs and donating the proceeds to charities that support education in Ghana. She also sourced bracelets made in Kenya and sold them with her mugs as an additional revenue stream.
Jalia used Holbrook’s pottery studio as her production space and got to work making one-of-a-kind mugs to sell. In her presentation, Jalia demonstrated how she was able to make the most of her opportunities through artistry, hard work, and perseverance.