School Life

NEPSAC Code of Ethics

As a member of the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC), Millbrook School Athletics supports the following Code of Ethics:


Guidelines for Coaches and Players

  • Treat other persons as you know they should be treated, and as you wish them to fairly treat you.
  • Regard the rules of your games as agreements, the spirit of letter of which you should not evade or break.
  • Treat officials and opponents with respect.
  • Accept absolutely and without quarrel the final decision of any official.
  • Honor visiting teams and spectators as your own guests and treat them as such. Likewise, behave as an honored guest when you visit another school.
  • Be gracious in victory and in defeat; learn especially to take defeat well.
  • Be cooperative as you are competitive.
  • Remember that your actions on and off the field reflect on you and your school.


Guidelines for Spectators

  • Spectators – whether students, faculty, parents, alumni, or friends – bear the important responsibility to the school for the atmosphere and conduct of games, whether home or away.
  • Spectators should watch games from those areas defined by each school as spectator areas.
  • Spectators must not run up and down the sidelines, call to players, coaches, or officials in any unsportsmanlike manner, go onto the field of play, or deface property.
  • Any action that detracts from the ability of coaches, players, and/or officials to do their best is not acceptable.
  • Faculty members should remember that their responsibility for student discipline and behavior extends to disciplining and controlling students who misbehave as spectators.