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Academic Support


Millbrook's Colhoun Academic Center serves students in a safe, caring, academic environment and atmosphere of mutual respect. All students are welcome—those who need a one-time conceptual tune-up, those who need ongoing conceptual assistance, those who are preparing for college entrance exams, and those who have diagnosed learning differences.

Students with diagnosed learning differences in the areas of reading, writing, mathematical skills, and executive function, enter the academic center after an initial interview and a careful review of educational testing. Each student is involved in a goal-oriented dialogue and assessment process that specifically identifies areas of need. The focus of all activities is individual academic success and the development of compensatory and self-advocacy skills. Teaching faculty, academic center staff, and the student and his/her family are actively involved throughout the process and continually maintain communication.

The Colhoun Academic Center helps students to be successful at Millbrook School and beyond. Students take ownership of their educational experience to reach their highest level of self-sufficiency, and upon graduating from Millbrook, they carry forward their well-practiced skills along with the confidence to communicate their needs. 

If you would like more information about the Colhoun Academic Center, services offered, or its staff, please contact Director Caitlin Sorriento 
via email or phone (845-677-8261).

Inside the Colhoun Academic Center

Caitlin Sorriento

Purdue University, M.S., Special Education

Marist College, M.A., Educational Psychology

Williams College, B.A.
Keith del Valle
Assistant Director

College of Mount St. Vincent - B.A.
Alberta Guiles
Fordham University - M.B.A.

City University of New York - M.A.

Yale University - B.S.
Tara Hadzima
Seton Hall University, M.A.

Seton Hall University, B.A.
Brianna Hunt
Tutor, English Instructor
University of Chicago - M.A.

University of Washington - B.A.

University of Washington - B.S.
Ugo Okolie
Tutor, Math Instructor
Franklin & Marshall, B.A.
Juliana Pecchia
Colby College - B.A.

More Ways to Get Academic Support


Extra help periods are dedicated times during the weekday schedule when teachers are available in their designated classroom or campus space so that students can stop in to get help on homework, follow-up on classroom material, or get assistance in preparing for a test, quiz, or written assignment. There are three extra help periods during the week including 35-minute periods on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.


Millbrook students helping students is the ultimate goal of Student Tutors. Every Monday evening during study hall, Millbrook students who have enjoyed success in a particular subject volunteer to help other students who might have questions. These peer-to-peer help sessions allow to students to come and go, as needed. All student tutors work together under the guidance of English teacher Kathy Havard.