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CES - Owen '21

Owen’s CES began as an ambitious project to design and build a solar-powered go-cart. His final product, a scaled-down solar-powered remote-controlled car, required the same planning and skills, just on a more manageable scale. Owen sourced plans and materials and taught himself to solder.  
The sight of a field of wind turbines sparked Owen’s interest in renewable energy and his experience in STEM subjects at Millbrook inspired him to use his CES for further exploration. Light energy gathered from an on-board solar panel is stored in a battery used to power the vehicle. Between the panel and the battery, the energy travels through the charge controller, a circuit board comprised of an assortment of resistors and capacitors that must be soldered with precision and skill to make the car function.
Owen plans to major in mechanical engineering in college with a focus on medical engineering and nanotechnology.