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CES - Sophie '21

Babysitting was Sophie Swift’s favorite community service in her four years at Millbrook. She loves kids and always looked forward to watching the faculty children. Though the pandemic took away the opportunity to babysit, Sophie found a way to stay connected via her CES: Bedtime Stories: A Website with Stories for Faculty Children. Sophie recorded her peers reading children’s books to entertain faculty kids on busy nights. Expanding the reach of her project, Sophie taught herself to build a website and made the recordings accessible to an audience beyond Millbrook campus. The result is an easily-accessed portal where parents can pull up entertaining stories to share. Sophie knows there is still work that can be done and hopes her classmates can expand the offerings to include children’s stories in different languages.
Sophie’s project exemplifies the spirit of community and service that underpins Millbrook’s culture. When Covid closed one door, Sophie opened another through her desire to be helpful and willingness to move forward with a new idea.