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Saturday Morning Programming

IIIrd form
The IIIrd form Saturday Morning Program asks our students to examine who they are in relation to the spaces they inhabit. From our dormitories to the myriad opportunities to explore the natural world that exist on campus, our curriculum pushes our students to think about how they interact with spaces in their lives and the people and animals who inhabit those spaces. Students will engage with outdoor and experiential education activities, camping, hiking, and skill-building activities with regard to nutrition, healthy relationships, stewardship, and consent.
IVth form
The IVth form Saturday Morning Program serves as our version of a high school health program. With an emphasis on building a safe, inclusive, and welcoming community in each Human Development group, the curriculum engages students in the topics of wellness, mental health, identity, drugs and alcohol, healthy and affirming relationship, sex, gender, and sexuality. Each student is part of a cohort that remains the same throughout the school year, often consisting of eight to ten IVth formers, two to three student facilitators, and one adult facilitator. Student facilitators consist of V and VI form students who have applied and been trained in facilitation and listening skills. IVth formers will finish the school year having given real thought to personal goals, their relationships on and off campus, and their overall wellness.
Vth form
The Vth form Saturday Morning Program stimulates the growth of students’ knowledge and skills in relation to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, their individual relationship with systems that exist in their lives, and change advocacy here at Millbrook. Topics covered for the DEI unit include identity, privilege, racism, anti-racism, white supremacy, and inclusion. The Advocacy unity will apply students' learning of DEI by having them work in teams to create and present a plan for advocacy towards social change on campus.
VIth form
The VIth form Saturday Morning Program consists of three separate yet complimentary programs aimed towards developing students’ sense of identity as they prepare to leave our campus for college and lives of meaning and service beyond their studies. This year, we have piloted our partnership with The Social Institute, an online lesson program that helps students’ think about their relationship with technology, social media, and their online identity. This pilot program will help our student life team look at how best to implement this program in school years to come. Beyond The Social Institute, our VI form students are engaged in college counseling programming in the fall and creating their capstone Culminating Experience for Seniors (CES) in the spring.