Jaylen Thatcher '22
The independence I gained at Millbrook was a huge factor in my decision to attend UCLA, all the way across the country. Millbrook taught me to advocate for myself and to feel confident making the leap from a small preperatory school with supportive, engaged teachers and coaches in every realm to a massive public university. As a day student dorm leader, the leadership training I received at Millbrook and involvement in dorm life was great training for living in the large group setting I will find at UCLA. I know I will be able to be a positive part of the community.
Jaylen may be the Millbrook student who talks the least but says the most. He is also confident, powerful, dynamic, influential, and fiercely loyal. Jaylen has powered through his four years at Millbrook, quietly leading in the classroom, in athletics, and in student life. He thrives in every role while earning top grades in a remarkably rigorous schedule. Jaylen has quietly made an impact that will last for years to come.
— Shannon Vollmer