Valerie Tan '17
University of Southern California
During her three years at Millbrook, Valerie perfected the art of time management as an extremely productive member of the community. She was, literally, everywhere on campus! When she wasn’t in her art studio space creating a life-sized self-portrait for her CES, you might find her in the tech booth planning lighting for a performance, at the zoo analyzing data for her Independent Science Research class, or in a classroom in the Kenan Language Center working with her peers as a student tutor. As much as she was a truly academic student, Summa Cum Laude in her class, Val was equally adept as a creative artist. With access to a bounty of resources and introductions to new mediums made possible by Mr. Hardy, Valerie explored drawing, painting, art history, and more. She chose to join one of the top film programs in the country at USC, and with access to leading professionals in the field and industry standard equipment, the possibilities of what she will be able to create are limitless.