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  • OUR IDEAL SIZE: Our size is shaped by a powerful principle: every community member should be known and needed.
  • A REAL AND RELEVANT SERVICE PROGRAM: Millbrook’s tradition of service and stewardship deeply engages students in meaningful, compelling change right away, every day. 
  • A DEEP FACULTY COMMITMENT: Millbrook’s faculty is devoted to helping all students discover their true best selves in broad and lasting ways. 
  • COMPETITIVE ATHLETICS: Whether it’s the field, track, court or rink, our athletics program creates learning environments where lessons are lived. Students athletes progress to high-level play, become leaders, and are regularly recruited to highly competitive college teams.
  • ROBUST ARTS PROGRAM: The large number of curricular offerings is rare, even at much larger schools. The Holbrook Arts Center, an exceptionally well-equipped facility, and the close and constant voices of New York City artists offer professional inspiration and opportunity.
  • A GRACIOUS AND INSPIRING LOCATION: Millbrook’s location is at once expansive and intimate. By combining the rough with the polished, the traditional with the contemporary, our setting inspires immense, life-changing ideas. 
    Millbrook’s graduates are prepared for the rigorous curriculum at the most selective colleges and universities. Once in college, our graduates again demonstrate the values that helped them to succeed at Millbrook—the authentic confidence and self-reliance that grow out of original thinking and meaningful experiences.

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