Student Experience

Community Service

Respect, integrity, service, stewardship, and curiosity are Millbrook’s core values. It is no accident that service is at the center of those values, as it has been a vital component to the Millbrook experience since 1931. Millbrook students own the culture of the campus, and community service is a large part of that ownership. 

Community service is built right into the schedule at Millbrook. Four days per week, for a total of 2 hours, students and faculty devote time to helping the school "run," but it's common for students to volunteer considerable time beyond the built-in community service periods. Whether feeding the endangered red wolves at night or taking a Bright Nights Run into Poughkeepsie to provide food and comfort to those in need, service extends far beyond the dedicated blocks in any given day.

Service is perfectly expressed in our motto–Non Sibi Sed Cunctis (not for onself, but for all)– so it is no surprise that one of our most honored traditions is the awarding of the Community Service Cup to a deserving senior at commencement each year.

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