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CES - Fenway '21

Fenway Powers’ CES, Making An Album with Video Game Music, was especially culminating for him in that it brought together elements of his Millbrook experience which he will likely carry forward through his life. As Millbrook’s utility drummer throughout his four years, Fenway has performed in countless shows, assemblies, and groups and in every possible on-campus venue. His overarching love of music led him to seek out composers of video game music and to study their styles and techniques for inclusion in his own work.
Land Music, the four-song EP that is Fenway’s CES, was inspired by a photo he took of a family friend. The record features two covers and two original works and required Fenway to delve into melodic composition, a new challenge for him. He also became proficient at digital recording as a way of capturing his ideas and compositions. As a final step, Fenway made his album available for streaming and download.