Mingxuan "Kevin" Wang '20
Columbia University
One important reason I wanted to go to Columbia is the reputation of the school’s physics department. As someone who has always been drawn to the physical sciences, I plan to major in physics in college, and Columbia has some of the best and most accessible physics professors in the world. Also, the multicultural environment at Columbia is an important factor. I am very interested in learning languages, and I love learning about other cultures. With an international student population topping 25%, Columbia is providing me with connections to students from around the globe. I look forward to starting off with the freshman science seminar, where every week postgraduates and professors share their state-of-the-art research, and we gather in groups to discuss the implications. I am very excited to learn about the newest technological advances and explore various scientific fields. I am well prepared for all of this, as Millbrook’s course structures and academic rigor created a similarly challenging environment. At the same time, the experience of living on campus and forming close connections have strengthened my sense of community. I will carry all of this into college life.