Student Experience


Millbrook School believes that a diverse community is a healthy one; to this end, it seeks to attract students and faculty with varying racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Central to the school's mission is to encourage open communication and acceptance among people of all kinds, and our diversity statement summarizes this belief. 

Out of this belief was formed the Diversity Group, a student/faculty committee whose mission it is to keep issues of diversity foremost in the minds of all on campus and to sponsor events which raise awareness of local and global issues. Some of their activities include traveling to the annual NAIS People of Color Conference and planning a campus-wide Diversity Day. 

In addition, the Millbrook School Admission Office has maintained a close relationship over the years with several leading national counseling/placement groups including A Better Chance, Inc., the Boys Club of New York, Oliver Scholars, and NJ SEEDS. 

Our international students have a special organization, with its own advisor, dedicated to the special challenges boarding school life presents to them. All look forward to International Week during which the Diversity Group and the international students join forces to put on a multi-cultural dinner, featuring some of their families' favorite dishes.