Student Experience


Incredible natural beauty defines the Millbrook School campus, which is located just 90 miles north of New York City in the Mid-Hudson Valley region (Dutchess County). Its 800 acres contain rolling hills, forests, wetlands, playing fields, trails (used by those on foot or on horseback) and the campus proper, which is arranged around the main quadrangle.

The quad is reminiscent of a traditional New England village with the Flagler Memorial Chapel at its head and red brick and white clapboard buildings completing the square.

The entire campus is powered by our seven-acre solar field, and includes eight dormitories, the Schoolhouse, the dining hall (completed in 2016) the Mills Athletic Center, the Holbrook Arts Center, the Hamilton Math and Science Center, Pulling House (the headmaster’s residence), the Barn (student center, completely renovated in 2012), the canopy walkway, Millbrook School Farm, and the six-acre Trevor Zoo, among other buildings and facilities. Since 1931, students have enjoyed Millbrook’s sweeping lawns, tree-lined country lanes, acres of woodlands – all amid a breath-takingly gorgeous natural setting.