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CES - Lily '21

Lily Gooding discovered ceramics in her IVth form year at Millbrook and her CES, Boob Mugs and Plant Pots demonstrates her ability to convey meaning and beauty through her work. Lily’s mugs began as thrown pieces on a wheel that she then altered and sculpted. Though initially drawn to the idea of breasts on mugs as a quirky and lighthearted creation, Lily quickly became aware of the deeper joy her mugs were bringing to herself and others and a CES took shape.
Lily’s CES mugs celebrate both the beauty and the life-giving attributes of the female body and her plant pots provided vibrant homes for a variety of plants. “I liked the reaction to the goofiness of the mugs,” said Lily, “and the plants made the connection to the boobs as vibrant, living things.” By choosing to sculpt breasts of all shapes and sizes on the 12 mugs she made, Lily sought to nullify the idea that there is any sort of universal version of beauty. The boldly colorful mugs embody confidence, power, and are vibrant in every sense of the word.