Noor Rahman '21
Amherst College
Amherst's open curriculum is very appealing as it allows me the opportunity to explore various areas of study without constraints and discover new pursuits unrelated to my past interests. I am looking forward to joining a diverse student body and meeting students and professors from backgrounds different from my own. Amherst has a strong culture of nurturing student-teacher relationships, which is something I came to value from my time at Millbrook. Millbrook also taught me how to maximize opportunities by accessing resources all around me, both academic and otherwise.
Her effort, her adaptability, her good humor, her ability to understand what needs to get done…all these qualities apply to her experiences in and out of the classroom. She makes great moot court arguments, and she recites poetry beautifully. She writes fluently in French and builds rockets and can make almost anything out of clay. Very few people do any of those things as well as she does all of them. But even more notable is that she constantly uses all of her talent and energy to make the world, and our school, better. We are all better for her stamina and her strength as well as her raw talent.
— Mark Clizbe