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The Arts at Millbrook

The arts are a full partner in the academic program at Millbrook. Creative thinking, an expansive imagination, a capacity for disciplined, bold expression—these are skills of timeless value and are essential building tools for the future. 
Whether you are looking to explore your creative side or are interested in arts as an alternative to sports, Millbrook offers countless opportunities to get involved by providing broad and varied academic and extracurricular arts programs.
More than eighty percent of all students take classes in the arts each semester—from acting to art history, choreography to digital photography, playwriting to instrumental ensemble. Their classrooms extend outside our buildings, throughout our natural campus, and into New York City and beyond, and our ensemble performers have the benefit of working with professionals from Broadway to Vienna. Most importantly, students benefit from having practicing artists as teachers across our 27 different arts offerings; it’s truly a program unmatched among other boarding schools.
For more information about our arts program, please contact Art Department Chair Joe Raciti at 845-677-8261 or via email.
Millbrook's own professional gallery space, the Warner Gallery, enriches our arts curriculum. To view a selection of current and past exhibitions, featuring locally and nationally known artists, as well as student artists and curators, please visit the Warner Gallery.

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