Helene Apollon '19
Johns Hopkins University
As a student at Millbrook, I was drawn towards the sciences and continually pursued advanced and honor level classes that were offered as a means of challenging myself to the fullest potential. I chose to pursue an education at Johns Hopkins for the same reasons. I wanted to position myself at a university that is pushing the boundaries of education and medicine. My personal and professional goals align completely with the academic opportunities that lie ahead. I am extremely excited to work alongside faculty and other professionals in the field of science in order to aid in meaningful research as an undergraduate student. After my MillbrookEngage internship and Independent Science Research classes, I feel more than prepared to contribute in relevant and tangible ways. At Millbrook I worked on an independent research project in which I assessed the epidemiology of infectious diseases in my own school community. Through this research project, I not only gained a sense of responsibility through work that was self-directed, but I was also able to give back to my community by compiling data to help inform the ways in which we combat illness and maintain a healthy environment. In my future work and research, I hope to make a positive impact on society by taking part in projects that help solve real-world problems like epidemic infectious diseases.