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CES - Emma '21

Emma Schaad’s CES, The Red Sand Project: Taking Action Against Human Trafficking, was inspired by the work of Give Way To Freedom, a foundation started by her mother, Courtney Albert. Emma wanted to continue her advocacy and chose to educate the Millbrook community about human trafficking. She invited Molly Gochman, founder of the Red Sand Project, to create a provocative art installation on campus to raise awareness of the issue.  Students shook bright red sand into cracks in the pavement behind Casertano Dining Hall to represent the idea of preventing people from falling through the cracks in society. The resulting spiderwebs of bright red sand provoked conversation and raised awareness about the global human trafficking crisis. 
As students and faculty filled cracks large and small, they were educated about the issue and learned what they might do to help. By symbolically filling in cracks with distinctive red sand, Emma was able to educate, advocate, and fill in gaps in awareness.