Anna Metzger '21
University of Pennsylvania
I applied early decision to the University of Pennsylvania because of the diverse school community and flexible multidisciplinary curriculum. I have wanted to pursue architecture for many years, and Penn has an amazing program; however, it is exciting and comforting to me that I will not be limited to just architecture. I will be able to explore many different subjects and challenge myself in new ways. The Millbrook community encourages leadership, curiosity, and integrity, qualities that will help me thrive at Penn.
Anna is a scholar, and her positive attitude, enthusiastic energy, and love of knowledge inspired her peers. Anna is creative, writing lyrically as Hamlet raging against the state in a time of COVID and designing housing for Millbrook’s faculty in Independent Science Research. Anna is brave, taking a lead role in Grease, reading her work at a Literary Showcase, and presenting at the Science Symposium. Anna is kind, serving as a consistent and empathetic peer counselor. She has mentored, nurtured, and led, and to paraphrase Mr. Casertano, Anna definitely ‘leaves Millbrook better than she found it’!
— Nancy Keller-Coffey