Doing Community Better Than the Rest

Our students and faculty say it perfectly, so scroll below to hear in their own words how Millbrook's mission informs their experience every day, in every way.

Our first video, Millbrook Made by alumnus Dan Cohen '86, features students during their first week at Millbrook as IIIrd formers and then in their final week as VIth formers. All share their experiences on the strength of community at Millbrook.

Millbrook Made: Community Defines Us

A Tuesday Talk on Bravery, Strength & Hope

Growth at Millbrook

A Different Path to Becoming a Teacher

Becoming a Leader

Finding Your Voice

Henry Schulz '18 - Appreciating Teachers

Poetry and Coping with Loss

Persistence, Resilience, and Sacrifice

Learning to Serve, Learning to Lead

Millbrook's unique community service program provides students with real responsibility by doing something meaningful for the school - serving others for the welfare of the greater good. It is such a large part of the Millbrook experience, community service is incorporated into the daily academic schedule four days per week and creates many leadership opportunities for students.

Watch the video below to learn about the history of our community service and service learning programs that are at the very foundation of our mission.

Click here to view all of Millbrook's current community services. This list changes from year to year as students and faculty recognize and suggest new ways to contribute to the community.

Vision - The Best is Yet to Come

Millbrook School Momentum is undeniable, and our path forward will continue to be built on our mission, identity (those things that make Millbrook, Millbrook), and aspirations.

Our academic and residential life plans through the year 2023 and beyond include:
  • a new boys dormitory
  • dorm improvements across all existing dorms, boys and girls
  • new and renovated spaces for the World Language department, the humanities, and the library
  • a new field house and weight/fitness/training center in the Mills Athletic Center
  • the addition of a 2nd turf field (with a track) and new outdoor tennis courts
  • a new mental health counseling suite as an addition to the Barn
  • a new alumni house
All plans for these continuing improvements are being done in typical Millbrook fashion - with thoughtful and intentional design.