Jackie Crowley '20
Swarthmore College
There are so many reasons that Swarthmore is right for me! The first is the extensive curriculum and the ability to explore many fields of interest, like biology, engineering, and psychology, while still getting a strong liberal arts education. Furthermore, Swarthmore is offering me the opportunity to conduct research, both in professors’ labs and off campus via summer internships. I enjoyed my Independent Science Research class so much in my VIth form year at Millbrook, being able to continue serious research is really important. I also appreciate Swarthmore’s tight-knit community that provides me the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with my classmates, teammates, and professors, and I will engage with people from a vast number of states and countries. Millbrook taught me how to be independent in my studies and balance school, social life, and athletics. I will put those skills to use as I begin to play field hockey at the collegiate level!