Precious Esielem '22
Dartmouth College
I’m attending Dartmouth because I want to be at a prestigious, smaller school where I can build close relationships with my professors like I did at Millbrook. I was also impressed with the emphasis Dartmouth places on the undergraduate experience and how they help students keep their long-term goals in sight. I want to impact the world, and I believe a Dartmouth education will help me clarify my plans. Millbrook pushed me to be known and needed and to step up in every space possible. Millbrook fostered the curiosity and drive to go above and beyond, and these are skills that I’ll definitely use at Dartmouth.
Precious is admired by her teachers for her relentless grit, her willingness to push herself, and her persistent drive to dig deep in her courses, doubling up on math and science in her final two years so she could take almost every course we offer in those two fields. Precious is esteemed by her classmates as a patient student tutor, a warm and empathetic human development facilitator, and a motivated and dedicated DEI leader. She inspired all of us to work harder, to think of others, and to strive to be our best selves.
— Nancy Keller-Coffey