Student Experience

Faculty Mentors

In addition to the guidance received from classroom teachers, mentors, and various group advisors, Millbrook students can rely on support from the adults on campus in a number of specific ways. 

Advisors/Advisees At the very heart of Millbrook School's support system for its students is the advisor (faculty member)/advisee (student) relationship. Starting on a student's first day at school, he or she is assigned a faculty advisor who will, at various times throughout that student's years at Millbrook, act as academic advisor, counselor, mediator, parent liaison, and advocate. The advisor/advisee relationship is the daily command center to and from which all-important communications take place. This relationship is taken very seriously by everyone at Millbrook and is often the key ingredient to a rich experience on campus for all. 

Dormitory Parents Nearly every teacher at Millbrook lives on the campus. Those who are dormitory faculty are available to students practically around-the-clock for a special kind of outside-the-classroom guidance - for help with homework, for quick advice, to resolve a conflict, or in times of actual crisis. All frequently welcome students into their homes; after all, for boarders often far away from home, TLC can merely be a batch of freshly baked brownies enjoyed in front of the fireplace.

Director of Counseling When more in-depth help is indicated for students, a full-time director of counseling is on hand to be a resource for anyone needing help with developmental issues, coping strategies, and health education. When warranted, the counselor may refer students to professionals off campus.