Vivian Yu '19
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
I’ve always wanted to be involved in business in some way, and Wharton will provide the education, platform, and opportunities that will challenge me while also setting me up to be successful after college. Although I’m excited about a lot of things like the more flexible schedule, the urban setting, the vibrant social and academic life, my single in a newly renovated freshman dorm, I look forward the most to starting my UPenn adventure with new inspiring and interesting people! I’ve become more tenacious and self-disciplined in sports, more confident in writing and speaking, more informed and interested in environmentalism, and more dexterous in different perspectives and cultures because of Millbrook. I was given a chance to fully explore and develop my interests and grow as a well-rounded person which will serve me well as I take on new challenges at Wharton.