Justin DeFour '21
Cornell University
My decision to go to Cornell was influenced by the reputation of the college, not just as an Ivy League school, but as one of the best engineering schools in the country. Science and engineering have been lifelong interests, and I plan to focus on computer engineering. At Millbrook, I learned when to ask for help and when to rely on my peers and professors, so I shouldn't have trouble asking for support if I need it. Millbrook prepared me to be more independent and resourceful. I gained confidence in myself and a belief that I can handle schoolwork and extracurriculars while enjoying all that a college like Cornell has to offer.
He loves to challenge himself to achieve more than the required work in math, science, and programming and to develop theories and test ideas. His style is to find subtle, meaningful ways to contribute to the community. Justin impresses people. His academic skills are fierce, and he engages deeply with work he finds fulfilling. Justin is a quiet leader who enhances our community in so many understated ways.
— Nicki Schermann