Student Experience

Student Leaders

There are many opportunities for students in various leadership positions to support other students on campus:

Prefects - Members of the senior class (10%-15%) who are elected by their classmates to serve as school-wide role models, demonstrating responsible and appropriate behavior for all students at all venues. Living by the Honor Code, they provide leadership and accountability to the student body, serve alternately on the discipline committee, and communicate weekly with the headmaster and/or the dean of students.

Dorm Leaders - Upper class students selected by the dorm faculty to help oversee residential life on campus. Dorm leaders help enforce the rules of the dorm, assist in running evening study hall, mediate disputes among classmates, act as liaisons between dorm residents and dorm parents, and, in general, help maintain a happy balance of order and fun in the dorms.

Peer Supporters - Upper class students selected by the Director of Counseling who are trained in basic counseling skills and meet weekly with the Director of Counseling for supervision. Peer counselors are not a substitute for professional counseling, but rather an aid in reaching students who might go to a peer to discuss a problem before going to an adult.

DEIB Leaders - Students selected by the Director of DEIB to improve inclusivity and cultural awareness on campus especially in the dorms. The group meets regularly to create announcements and plan activities and events to foster a better sense of belonging in the community.

Trevor Zoo Curators - Working at the Trevor Zoo requires dedication and responsibility, and can be an extremely rewarding experience.