Abby Ainley '22
I chose Bowdoin because in a lot of ways it felt like Millbrook. The highly competitive academics and athletics mean that I will continue to be challenged and to grow as a dedicated student athlete. I am most looking forward to hitting the ice at the next level with girls from around the nation and different parts of the world. I expect my transition to Bowdoin to be smooth because I learned to be open and outgoing at Millbrook. So many good things can happen when you take the first step to meet new people and smile at unfamiliar faces. Being part of the welcoming and inclusive community at Millbrook made a huge impact on how I feel about myself and my ability to thrive in a new situation.
Abby achieved high honor roll every single marking period and is a machine when a task is at hand that needs to be accomplished just consider it done. Her constant pursuit of excellence and her high standards have made our Millbrook School culture much stronger.
— Dan Skoglund