Freddy Hamilton '22
Wake Forest
I am attending Wake Forest because of their holistic approach to learning. Like Millbrook, students are treated as individuals and learners beyond basic test scores. At Millbrook I learned
how valuable a community can be and how important it is to be a positive member of any group of which you are a part. Going forward at Wake, and in life, I am always going to strive to be that positive contributor because I know how much  impact a strong community can have on people and places. Simply put, everyone deserves to be known and needed, and I hope to help make that a reality wherever I am.
Freddy proved himself to be one of the most competitive, most tenacious, and most resilient members of his class. When Freddy is challenged, he is at his absolute best. He thrives under adversity because he knows how to work and that the path forward is to be diligent, to ask questions, and to take intellectual risks. Freddy loves school, more specifically, Millbrook, and he has given a part of himself to this community.
— Vinnie Sorriento '96