School Life

The Finest Faculty

Millbrook is committed to attracting and retaining the finest faculty.

Endowed Chairs & Programs

Millbrook's endowed teaching chairs support the fine men and women on the faculty whose work and dedication carry out Millbrook's mission each and every day:

  • Frank W. Trevor - Chair in Natural Science
  • Jane Johnson Garnjost - Chair in Mathematics & Science
  • Robert Wood Johnson, Jr. - Chair in the Arts
  • Anna Gundlach Huber - Chair in Foreign Language
  • Fredric C. Hamilton - Chair in English
  • Xavier Prum - Chair in Mathematics

Since 1990, the following endowed chairs and programs additionally support our most promising, dedicated, and excellent faculty:

Kenan Chair for Excellence in Teaching
For teaching "characterized by passion for the materials and for the students being taught, exceptional mastery of the subject matter, a commitment to Millbrook School's ideals, and a joy of teaching." Chair holders have included: Katherine Havard, Walker Zeiser, Todd Feitelson, Bill Hardy, and Trip Powers. 

Gregory Sabbatical Program
Established by Joe and Niki Gregory P'04, this endowed fund supports a yearlong or summer sabbatical for qualifying faculty. To date the following faculty members have enriched their professional careers through this sabbatical program: Rick McWilliams, Bill Hardy, Eileen Jeffreys, Todd Feitelson, and John Seigenthaler.

Emerging Leaders Program
Established by Dan Lindley '51 to provide professional development opportunities to young, promising teachers. The following current faculty have been selected: Samantha Goodwin, Tom Brown, Lindsay Peterson, Eve Whitehouse, and Ava Goodale '02. 

Collins Grant
Established by Farnham Collins '53 to honor each faculty and staff member who completes his/her 25th year at Millbrook.

80 faculty members, which makes for a 4-1 student-to-faculty ratio.
The majority of our faculty are residential, and at least five faculty members are assigned as Dorm Parents to each of our 8 dorms.
Over 80%  of our faculty have or are pursuing advanced degrees.