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CES - Izzy '21

Izzy Finemore’s CES, Riding at Millbrook: Videos About Our Program, gave Izzy a chance to show her love for Kildare Stables while also shedding some light on the riding program at Millbrook. She produced a nearly four-minute video to showcase the facility and to introduce students to the idea of riding at Millbrook and also a series of Q&A-style videos to provide answers to common questions. Izzy narrated a tour of the barn, highlighting amenities appealing to both humans and horses. She employed drone footage to give a sense of the beauty and scope of Kildare while talking about her personal connection to the farm.
A lifetime love of horses and a desire to grow the sport at Millbrook by sharing the possibilities with current and prospective students inspired Izzy to create compelling and informative videos that will live on the Millbrook School website. 

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