A Friday Night Premiere for the Fall Play - The Crucible

Shooting for Millbrook School’s adaptation of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible wrapped on Saturday with the climactic courtroom scene captured by four cameras set inside the chapel. In a departure from the traditional four-show run at the Chelsea Morrison Theatre, this year’s presentation was performed live and filmed at several locations around campus. By adhering to a rigorous shooting and editing schedule, The Crucible premiered Friday, November 13, at 8 p.m. on Millbrook’s YouTube channel.
The fall play is a long-standing and much-beloved Millbrook tradition. Director of Theater Elaine Lifter, Technical Director Lauren Duffy, and Assistant Directors Merilee Weil ’21 and Stephen Peschel ’22 pushed the cast and crew to commit fully to every scene. With a tight schedule, the actors had to be well-rehearsed and sharp on every take. Professional filmmaker Andrew Merelis oversaw student camera operators and sound technicians and will collaboratively edit the scenes into a roughly hour-long program.
The ensemble cast learned how to act in front of cameras, a much different undertaking than working in front of a live audience where energy from the crowd can help propel a performance to greatness. When the Millbrook community tuned in to the premiere, they were captivated by a particularly intense version of The Crucible.

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  • Tom Mason
    Congratulations to all those involved in the filmed production of The Crucible. It was such a great idea in the first place to adapt that particular play for the screen to be done at Millbrook. But, then to execute it with such imagination and style. The love, commitment and care by everyone was evident from the first frame. Bravo to all!! Tom Mason parent 95’, ‘02