Eliza Glaister '04
Chef & Owner, Little Egg
Food has always been a constant area of curiosity in my life.   Raised by British parents in the cosmopolitan setting of New York City, as well as in rural Millbrook, NY, I was exposed to various cuisines and cooking styles. Whether traveling abroad to visit friends and family, or growing vegetables in our garden, food has always intrigued me.  These passions led me to my post-college career, which began at The French Culinary Institute in 2011. Since then I have worked in several NYC restaurants, started a successful catering company, and traveled the world cooking for clients.  We should all be curious about our food, knowing where the food is coming from and what goes into its production are as important as the flavors itself.   Simple techniques teamed with imagination always end in the best results.  I always like to look to the past to see how traditional items can be reimagined and modernized. This has all culminated in a thirteen-year-long career of sharing my passion for food and creativity with those lucky enough to sit at my table.