Si Wei '17
Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn
 Throughout her two-and-a-half years at LinkedIn's New York City offices, she’s been involved in various projects, including AI integration for improved feed and notifications experience for members. She has also been a part of building new Generative AI tools to boost developer productivity and designing innovative features to foster creator growth on the platform. Beyond technical contributions, Si is a leader of a Women In Tech cohort at LinkedIn, organizing monthly meet-ups and mentorship programs to help empower the next generation of female engineers.

After Millbrook, Si pursued her bachelor's degree in computer science and international relations at Colgate University, where she was also a member of the cheerleading squad. Originally from Korea, Si harbored aspirations of becoming an international lawyer focused on human rights, which inspired her to choose international relations and study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland. During her time in Geneva, she gained invaluable insights through an internship at the United Nations. However, she decided to pivot her career trajectory towards technology, motivated by the dynamic nature of the industry, continuous learning opportunities, and the potential to make a greater impact.

Driven by a desire to help others and her curiosity about the transformative power of movement and mindfulness, Si recently began her journey as a pilates instructor outside of her traditional 9-5 role. She dreams of owning her own pilates studio and pursuing her entrepreneurial aspirations within the tech industry.