Meredith Pratt '10
Talent Manager & Founder, Krewe Co.
Meredith Pratt is a Charleston-based founder and talent manager at Krewe Co. In her previous role, she built influencer and affiliate programs for a group of direct-to-consumer brands, creating high-revenue-generating collaborations supporting brand awareness and product launches. Meredith recognized the opportunity to build her own agency and now collaborates with some of the biggest household brands and platforms, such as Walmart, Target, META, and Google. Meredith works with her roster of creators to cultivate their personal brands, negotiate deals, and manage campaigns. She is dedicated to connecting with people, crafting engaging content, and fostering long-lasting relationships between brands and influencers.

Meredith received her bachelor’s degree from Elon University, where she studied strategic communications and business. Her passion for creative thinking and writing traces back to her senior year Creative Writing class at Millbrook. Since then, she has continued to pursue her love for creative expression and achieved success in her college blog. Now, Meredith's career has come full circle as she tackles the management side of the industry, collaborating with creators and brands.